Wednesday, February 27, 2008


How long have you and your significant other been together?
Married- 3.5 years
Dating/Hanging Out-4.5 years

Who eats more?
Tommy! Just check out the slide show. He used to be a whale, but he's on his way to sexiness.

Who said "I love you" first?
Me. Tommy didn't tell me he loved me until he decided that he wanted to marry me. He said he didn't want to tell me he loved me until he meant it for eternity. How Sweet!

Who is taller?

Who sings better?
It's a toss up. Since watching American Idol we have thought about it a lot more.

Who is smarter?
You figure it out- Elementary School Teacher or Future Dentist. It's Tommy

Who does the laundry?
On the weekdays Tommy, on the weekends it is usually both of us.

Who does the dishes?
He does most of the time, but I help sometimes.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

Who pays the bills?

Who mows the lawn?
Not us yet!

Who cooks dinner?
Tommy. He is an incredible cook.

Who drives when you are together?

Who is more stubborn?
Don't know

Who is the first to admit when they're wrong?
Me. I hate confrontation. But give Tommy some time and he has the best apologies. But let's be honest, no guy is wrong.

Whose parents do you see the most?
We see both about the same.

Who kissed who first?
I kissed him. I had to make sure he knew that I was interested in him!! And then the fire was lit!

Who proposed?
No real proposal

Who is more sensitive?
Does crying mean sensitive. Me but Tommy has his moments.

Who has more siblings?
Tommy. He has two more than me.

I'm tagging Lindsay, Julie, and Natalie R.

Can't wait to see what you have to say.

Sunday, February 24, 2008


Our Valentine's Day was a little different this year. I didn't get chocolate or flowers, I got Guitar Hero for the Wii. Tommy's nieces got Guitar Hero for Christmas, and we played it a lot over Christmas Break. Needless to say I was addicted! We couldn't buy it in the stores or online unless we wanted to pay big bucks for it. Tommy told me we would be lucky to be able to get it for Valentine's Day. So that is what I got! This has been our entertainment for the last couple of weeks! Who says life without children can't be fun?


After spending many countless hours at the computer reading about the exciting lives that you all lead...I decided it was time to share the events of our family by creating a blog. Although we don't have any children yet, there is still some exciting (and boring) things that we do that I can share. So here it goes. I'm not sure how this all works so wish me luck!!