Monday, July 21, 2008

Laguna Beach

Every summer Tommy's family spends some time at Laguna Beach in California. I have been going to the beach with them every year since we have been married and I look forward to it every time. On July 3rd Tommy's sister and I drove to Vegas where we met up with Tommy's parents and the rest of the family to drive the rest of the way to California. Tommy wasn't able to go with me because of his new job. So I just went with his parents, his sister, and four of his brothers.

Now when most people go on vacation it is all about siteseeing, and doing fun things together. Not at the beach...this was our agenda
1. Sleep in until about 11
2. Eat breakfast
3. Walk down the stairs to the beach
4. Play and lay out on the beach
5. Walk up the stairs for a quick snack for lunch
6. Go back to the beach until about 5
7. Shower
8. Go get something to eat
9. After dinner we play games and watch movies
10. Go to bed and start the same routine over the next day!

Now some might think this would be a boring trip, but for me it is the best. I love the beach and I love the California sun. Some days it is overcast but you can still get good sun on those days. There was one day while we were there that it was downright cold. That day we went shopping, went to Newport and walked around etc.

Since most of you don't know Tommy's family I will give you a quick idea of everyone who went. Tommy's Mom and Dad obviously went. Nate, age 26, he is currently living in CA for Law School. Luckily he was able to take some time away to spend with us. Laura, age 20, we rode down together from Provo. Taylor, age 18, just graduated from high school. Sean, age 15, will be a sophomore in high school this year.

So I was gone a total of 13 days WITHOUT Tommy. I wouldn't recommend that to anyone! I missed him so much and wished everyday that he was having fun at the beach with me, instead of at work. When I walked in the door there was two dozen beautiful red roses on the counter. He is so thoughtful! We decided after this trip that we are not EVER going to be separated that long again. Tommy I love you!

I decided the best way to show you the different events of our trip was with a slideshow. There are just too many fun pictures to only post a few. Enjoy the slideshow!

Laguna Beach Slideshow

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tommy's New Job

As many of you know Tommy graduated from UVU in December with his Bachelor's Degree in Biology. He took the next semester off to study and take the DAT. Since the beginning of the summer he has been looking for a job. He called in a favor to my brother who works for XanGo to see if he knew of any positions they were hiring for. My brother found a position in the commissions department that they were hiring for and that is where Tommy is going to work. He is going to be a commissions analyst for them. I don't really know what he will be doing, but he is extremely excited to work and bring in some $$ for our family.