Monday, May 12, 2008

Our First Attempt At a Garden

There are some wonderful people in our ward who donated some of their land to ward members who were interested in planting a garden. We went to FHE to learn more about what this all entailed and decided to give it a shot.

Since I am still working Tommy and our good neighbor Boyd Palmer went over Friday morning and worked their hearts out. They tilled the soil by hand because the tiller wouldn't start, and then after that they began planting the seeds. They planted carrots, onions, and two different kinds of peas.

Tommy and I went over later so he could show me all of his hard work. The last three rows are our rows. We will plant some more things once we are sure the warm weather is here to stay. I will continue to post pictures and update you on our success!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Taste of Parenthood

Yesterday Tommy and I got a little taste of what being parents is all about. Two different families in our ward asked us to babysit their kids. The first family has two little boys and a newborn baby. We don't usually babysit for them, but with the newborn baby they were a little nervous to leave. We read books, played basketball (on a kiddie hoop of course), played with Transformers, played a good game of Candyland (Tommy's first believe it or not), tried to soothe a newborn baby who thought she was going to die of starvation, and laughed a lot. We ate a nice lunch with them and then came home for about a half hour for a short break.

The second family showed up shortly after that. They have a little girl full of energy and a little baby boy. Tommy needed to go to Midway to mow and water the lawn so we decided to pack up the kids and go. The car ride was interesting, but once we got their the adventures began. We stayed busy mowing and watering the lawn, playing the wii, swinging in the hammock, and once again laughing a lot. We ended this trip at McDonalds to play in the playground area for awhile. Then we came home and dropped the kids off.

After that Tommy and I really began to reflect on the events of the day. Our normal Saturday's consist of a little bit of cleaning, running errands, and a whole lot of relaxing. As we babysat these children we really got an idea of how unselfish parents have to be. We knew that the happiness of these children was our responsiblity. Both families were extremely grateful and said this was the best birth control for us. Little do they know we are grateful for the time that we were able to spend with them, and it makes us want children more than ever. We have learned so much from the wonderful examples around us. As crazy as it may sound we look forward to the day that we can drop our kids off at the babysitters so we can enjoy time together.

Here are a few pictures of our adventures. Sorry Shanna but some of these pictures were just too cute. I couldn't resist!! Thanks for letting us use your adorable kids as our models!