Sunday, September 21, 2008

Safety Week

At my school we celebrated safety week. We celebrate it every year and use this opportunity to teach the children about how to be safe walking or riding their bikes to and from school. This year was an exception! Our wonderful PTA got together and wrote a grant and got a large sum of money to help pull off this event. Most of the money is going to a much needed sidewalk to make the route to school safer for students. The rest of the money was used to pay for the fun activities that happened at our school this week.

Each day of school there was a celebrity crossing guard. The celebrities were Cosmo, Chief (Utah Blaze), and Willy the Wolverine (UVU). The kids absoultly loved it. They all went home with an autograph from the mascots.

Each student was given a new helmet, pedometer, and water bottle to help them to remember to be safe.

All of those things were really fun but the best thing was they had enough money to give away two bikes to every classroom. It was a total of 72 bikes. The students had to turn in a paper signed by them and their parents and then they were entered into the drawing for our class. On Friday we had an assembly to give away the bikes. They called the students' names and had them stand up. I really got emotional as I watched all of these students getting their new bikes. The PTA went above and beyond and bought 12 MORE bikes to give away to those families that really needed it.

Here is a pic of all the bikes. What an amazing sight!

To finish off this event they invited a group of BMX bike riders to come and do a show for the students. They absolutely LOVED this! I took a few pics of some of their cool tricks.

This guy is jumping over the principal!

This is the trick they liked the most... a back flip

Way to go Manila PTA you really made Safety Week a blast!