Monday, October 27, 2008

Cake Decorating 101

Tommy and I had our ward Halloween Party this weekend and we had a blast. Tommy signed us up for a cake for the cake walk. Usually I just go and pick up a nice decorated cake from the grocery store. This year I decided to try and put a little more creativity into it.

I searched online for some different unique ideas. I found this idea and put my own little twist on it. It really was extremely easy and so cute.

I think it was a hit at the party. It was the second cake to go.

So if any of you have a Halloween party this weekend and are in need an easy and cute cake idea try this one.


Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Time to BUY PUMPKINS!

We have some really good friends in our ward who are selling pumpkins for a GREAT cause. They have a daughter who wants to be a mother, but can't get pregnant. (I know how she feels)! They are selling pumpkins and giving all of the money to their daughter to adopt a baby.

Now I know all of you are in need of pumpkins for Halloween and this is the best place to get them. They are selling them for 20 cents a pound which is cheaper than most other places. Not only are they cheaper they are a lot better too.

Tommy and I went down on Saturday and bought a couple of them. They have the largest pumpkins, and they are also the prettiest. They are a very bright orange color. Not like anything I have ever seen!


If you want to help you can just get off on the University Parkway exit and turn to the right. Go down the hill to Geneva Road and turn left. Drive down Geneva Road and you will see this set up on the side of they road.

So if you are in need of pumpkins and want to help someone in need at the same time. This is the place to go!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Favorite Things Enrichment

About a month ago I got called to be the Enrichment leader in my ward. When the bishop told me I would be in charge for four big activities a year I didn't think much of it. Little did I know how much work it is.

I got the idea of Favorite Things from Tommy's sister Jen. She told me all about how they did it in their ward and we changed it a little bit. The basic idea is from "Oprah's Favorite Things." Each sister was supposed to bring their "favorite thing" to share so we could get to know them better. The idea was for people to bring something to give to others that was their favorite thing. I met with my committee and shared the idea. They loved it and so we started planning.

I knew that we needed a cute invitation to get people excited about the activity. I also knew we needed to give them some incentive to want to come. Can we say gifts! That always gets people to come out. The planning began...

I enlisted the help of my most creative friend Melanie for some help on the invite. They turned out so cute. Here is what they looked like. Thanks again Melanie I couldn't have done it without you! These were a hit!

My good neighbor Kristin came up with the idea of giving the gable boxes to hold all of the stuff they would get that night. As we were talking we decided it wouldn't be "Oprah's Favorite Things" without gifts. Kristin and I talked to many local business who willingly donated items for our boxes.

Now we had the ideas in place it was time to do the work. I had my committee and the Relief Society Presidency over to my house to help put everything together. Here are some pictures of my most amazing helpers!

Since I work during the day I couldn't help with the decorating so I got some ladies to do it. They decorated using fall leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and best of all "brown paper packages!" So cute!This is what it looked like

Here is what the gift looked like that each person got.

Each person got a one year subscription to LDS Living Magazine, Mary Kay make-up and lotion, scrapbook stuff, a Kara Chocolate truffle, a little girls headband, a sample of perfume, and a coupon for FroYo. Thank You to everyone that donated!
The whole evening was a huge success. We don't usually get a lot of people to come out for Enrichment so we were pleased to have about 50 people there. This was a super fun Enrichment and it was a great way to get to know other sisters in my ward. Our next Enrichment is the beginning of December. I hope that it will be as successful as this one!
I have to give a big thank you to Tommy. He was a support thoughout the whole thing and was there to help anyway he could. I am so lucky to have a husband that is so supportive!


A couple of months ago Tommy came home from work and was talking about the new REAL soccer stadium in Sandy. I have to be honest- I had heard of the REAL soccer team but that was about all. He told me that Xango sponsors the team and he could get us some tickets. We decided to get 2 tickets for the first game at their new stadium. The day of the game it was extremely cold! If you know me you know I don't like to be cold so I planned accordingly. I was wearing about 5 layers of clothes on the top, a beanie, a hoodie, a fleece, and my winter coat. I also had a blanket to keep my legs warm.
The game was a blast. I had never been to a professional soccer game before so when the players all walked out holding the hands of cute little kids I asked Tommy what the little kids were doing. He told me that all pro soccer teams do that. That is so cute.

The highlight of the evening was when one of the REAL players got kicked in head. The player on the other team was yellow carded by the ref. He didn't like that call and started pushing the ref around. This went on for a little bit and soon he was red carded and was ejected from the game.
Tommy and I don't do things like this much and we really enjoyed it. Unfortunately the game ended in a tie (1 to 1). The stadium is beautiful. There isn't a bad seat in the house. There is only game left this season. If you are looking for a good date night this is one you need try out but you'll have to wait until the new season starts next year.