Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Time to BUY PUMPKINS!

We have some really good friends in our ward who are selling pumpkins for a GREAT cause. They have a daughter who wants to be a mother, but can't get pregnant. (I know how she feels)! They are selling pumpkins and giving all of the money to their daughter to adopt a baby.

Now I know all of you are in need of pumpkins for Halloween and this is the best place to get them. They are selling them for 20 cents a pound which is cheaper than most other places. Not only are they cheaper they are a lot better too.

Tommy and I went down on Saturday and bought a couple of them. They have the largest pumpkins, and they are also the prettiest. They are a very bright orange color. Not like anything I have ever seen!


If you want to help you can just get off on the University Parkway exit and turn to the right. Go down the hill to Geneva Road and turn left. Drive down Geneva Road and you will see this set up on the side of they road.

So if you are in need of pumpkins and want to help someone in need at the same time. This is the place to go!


Amanda said...

I'm so mad, I just bought pumpkins tonight at Walmart and they we're ugly and way to expensive, but I needed them for carving tonight. I'll definitely head down there if we decided we need more.
I loved your enrichment night, everything the invites, the gifts, the decor, good job Holly, that better get more people out. I'll come, my heart will always be with the 1st ward.

Neal and Shannon said...

How exciting...the kids have been begging for pumpkins but I have been waiting because I didn't want to spend a lot on them. Thanks Holly! I loved your enrichment night by the way...what a creative idea! Thanks Holly!

mj said...

that is awesome. i would totally be buying our pumpkins there if we were closer. your enrichment idea was awesome. I am passing it along to our enrichment person. you rock.

Erin said...

Good advertising! We actually bought our pumpkins there too. They are awesome (and I saw today that they're marked down to 10 cents a pound). It was fun seeing you last night.

Aaron & Kensie said...

Well I am glad to say that I finally found your blog, geez its about time! Just kidding. I love you blog it is so cute. Enrichment night looked amazing, I am so sorry I could not be there, promise I will next time.