Monday, February 9, 2009

Ward Talent Show

We had our annual ward talent show this last weekend. Let me rewind a few weeks to when the first sign up went around the ward. Tommy and his friend Boyd signed each other up for some unique "talents." (interpretive dance, swan lake ballet, and fire dance) Neither of them were serious when they signed each other up and each week they got crossed off.

One of our good friends in the ward decided to play a great trick on both of them. During Relief Society when the sign up was going around she signed them both up to do a duet on the nose flutes. You got that right nose flutes. If you have never seen one of these it is a real instrument purchased at a local music store. Neither of them could figure out how to play them until early Saturday morning. We were greeted Saturday morning with Boyd at our door showing Tommy that he finally figured out how to play it. If you have never played you need to check this out.

So Saturday night they put on their performance. They decided on London Bridges. We got them the nerd glasses just to be a little bit silly. Check out the video! Sorry that it is so shaky. I was laughing so hard and couldn't hold still.