Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Ever since Tommy graduated he usually spends his WHOLE day studying for the DAT. He used to go to the library and study but lately he has been staying at home. Sometimes he gets sick of studying, and needs to take a break. The typical guy would turn on the TV and watch some sports, play video games, and get something to eat. Not my INCREDIBLE husband. He spends his break cleaning the house, doing laundry, and doing AMAZING things for me...

On Monday when I came home from work he was sitting in the recliner just waiting for me to come home. I came in gave him a kiss and we just starting talking like we normally do. I have been feeling very guilty because I really don't do much of anything around the house anymore. Monday morning after he left to go work out I decided that I was going to make the bed, and make a consious effort to help out more. Well Tommy is extremely particular about how the bed is made. The last step being to fold the covers down. I didn't do that. So when I got home he commented about the bed being made, but mentioned that I had forgotten the last step. He told me to go and do it. I went in the bedroom and found this poem on the bed. It it titled MY LOVE.

September 8,
The day that marks our first date
The year, 2003
Important because…by 2004…you had fallen in love with me!

Since that day our lives have been filled with excitement and uncertainty
In fact, that’s the reason I’ll be gray by thirty!
And though we never know what’s next, we’ll stick together
That my dear, will be our legacy forever!

With so much life to live, we’ll do it to the fullest
Just wait until the kids get here, that will be the coolest
Tommy, Susanna, Addison and the rest
I can see them now, arguing over whom we love the best

They’ll come, to you this I tell
Be patient because when they do you’ll think you’ve died and gone to hell!
I’ll teach them to love you just as I do
As long as you don’t make me clean up the poo!

You work so hard, you log your time
Keep it up and I promise, in the end your life will be sublime
You must never bend nor break
The broken and torn you must mend, and out of bad, good you must make

Grateful for you I am, you have given me a sense of balance
I must have done something right for the Lord to have given me you, perhaps it was my valiance?
I’ll tell you now and forever again, it is you I need
That you’ll love me humbly I plead.

We’ll laugh and we’ll cry
We’ll pass through trials that try
And when life deals us a bad hand…
Together, as a family, we’ll make our stand

Simply put -
There are no perfect words that I might say…just that I will always love you more and more each day!

So after reading that you are probably thinking this is too good to be true, or you are thinking that I am really lucky! I know I am lucky! Tommy is the best husband in the whole world. I am so thankful for him everyday. He does so many little and BIG things for me everyday. Whether it is starting my car in the morning, making or bringing me lunch, or just listening to me complain. He does it all...and soon he'll be bringing home a paycheck! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!


Amanda said...

That is so sweet, who know he could muster up something so sweet! He is a good guy, he is always thinking of others. Now you'll never forget the last step in the bed making process, I think I need to teach Jeremy the first step.

Lindz said...

Wow...that is so sweet! You guys are lucky to have each other & I can't until you can start your family...what great parents your little ones will have! =)

Nathan said...

Holy Shi-ite Muslim. I can't believe that Tommy wrote that. Who did he pay to help him write that? OR is it an eminem lyric? Anyhow its good. Made me think about my... dammit, i don't have a wife neither do I write love poems to anyone. I don't do it for fun, I don't do it when I am sitting in the sun. I have better things to do with my time than write a soliloquy or a rhyme. This blog was great, and your true love was fate. Love you guys; go some place where you can get some fries. And Tommy, Holly will wipe the tears from your eyes :)
I'm Ron burgundy?

amyjane said...

Oh, that is sweet. Sean and I both recently recommited to making the effort to be openly sweet like that. We're both naturally like that, but it's been amazing how often those efforts have gotten shoved to the side since those "little ones" have started showing up in our house.
I have to admit, that part of his poem made me pretty teary eyed for you guys...it's so hard to wait for those babies to start coming in whatever way they will be coming. A very close friend of mine is finally having her first baby this month after five years of intense work (I think the third round of IUI is what finally worked with them) and it's SO special to watch them just LOVING this, after all the waiting time.

Anyway, you are amazingly lucky to have a great husband to see you through whatever trials you may be dealing with throughout life.

Stewart and Julie Jensen said...

Ok can I just tell you yes, I am crying right now. Tommy that was the best poem I have ever read. You missed your calling in life! I can hardly wait to read the next one.

greg & allyson said...

Hey Girl,
Here I am commenting like I promised. It was so fun to see you guys last night. I had been wondering about you, so that was random to see you at Costco. It was great to catch up and hear about Manila's adventures. Also, super cute poem. Big points for your husband.

Tiffany said...

Holly- Love your blog. You did a great job and it looks awesome!! What a great idea so that as family we can share our lives with each other. Bronson was sitting here looking at it with me, when His picture with you at Halloween came up. He started pointing at it and laughing. It was cute and you would have loved to see it!! Anyways just wanted to comment that I like your blog and would be interested in setting one up for my family. So let me know. Love ya guys, Tiffany and Bronson

lramey said...

Deaver!!! It's Brent Ramey, Call me when you have some time. 8013198084