Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week at school is teacher appreciation week. Ask any teacher at Manila Elementary... they will tell you this is the best week of the year because we get completely spoiled! The festivites kick off on Friday afternoon as the many of the devoted room moms come to the school to decorate all of the teacher's doors. Here is a picture of my door this year. I love that they are all so different and creative!

The door says, Mrs. Deaver we are
happy you are in our "school"

On Monday my room mom brought in a basket with a cute tag on it that said, "You are souper!" Each of my students brought in a can of soup for me. The PTA also provided us with an amazing lunch of delicious soups, salads, and dessert.

Check out the variety I have to choose from

On Tuesday my room mom brought in a pitcher filled with lemonade packets. On it there was a few quotes about lemonade. My favorite was if life gives you lemons take the juice and squirt it in your enemies eyes. I had never heard that one, and it gave me a good laugh for the day.

I don't think I will be thirsty for a really long time!

On Wednesday my room mom brought in a clear paint can that had a cute tag that said "You are so sweet to me." All of the students brought in loads of treats that day. I asked them if they were trying to make me fat. I can never begin to eat all of that candy! Maybe I will share with them if they can be really good :)


On Thursday my room mom brought in a cute red apple basket. On the basket it said, "You are an A+ Teacher." The students brought in all sorts of apples for me. I even got an apple called a grapple. It is an apple that tastes like a grape. I can't wait to try it. My students must of known that I don't eat apples unless I have peanut butter because some of my students gave me a big container of peanut butter. It is one of my favorite snacks!

Perfect gift for a teacher!

On Friday I walked into my classroom to see a large vase with a few flowers in it. As the students came to school today they brought lots of different kinds of flowers for me. Some were fake and some were real, but when we put them all together they made a beautiful bouquet.


So needless you can see that I was extremely appreicated this week, but the great thing about Manila Elementary is that I feel appreicated every single day. I have the best group of students, and amazing, supportive parents too. I special thank you to everyone out there who made this week a special one for me!!

Check out my CRAZY class!


Dana said...

You are cute to include all that on your blog :)

You are the best teacher. We just love you.

Stewart and Julie Jensen said...

I just wanted to Thank-you guys for having Krysta and taking such great care of her. She had a blast and if her friend would not have come she would have stayed the whole time. She said Tommy was hilarious and thanks to Holly she wants to be a teacher. So once again you both are incredible hosts.
Love ya

Michie said...

Wow! What a great week you had! Thanks for sharing - I work in an elementary school too and that post made me smile.

Sharon said...

I think they know a good teacher when they see one. I knew you would be great. You've always wanted to be a teacher and the best. Love MOM