Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ever since Tommy and I were married we have looked forward to this time of the year for a lot of reasons. We love the nice warm spring weather. We love that Spring Break is around the corner, and know that the end of yet another school year is quickly approaching. Last but not least March Madness!

Tommy and I are big fans of college basketball, and we totally get into this. We are both huge DUKE fans. Every game throughout the season we are at home cheering them on. I don't keep track of any of the other teams unless they do something noteworthy and they are on Sportscenter. No it is not me that watches Sportscenter, but it is part of Tommy's nightly ritual. So you guessed it I see a lot of it.

As the regular season games start to wrap up we look forward to filling out our brackets. When the brackets come out we print them off and begin to fill them out. Sometimes I ask Tommy's advice but most of the time I just do it on my own. Very blindsided of course!

Let the games begin! This last weeked was the first weekend of games. With our brackets in hand we cheered on the teams we wanted to win. We were very sad when DUKE lost their second game of the tournament on Saturday. Better luck next year blue devils! Lucky for us neither one of us picked them to go to the final four. The games start up again on Thursday. Time will tell who is going to have the best bracket this year! I love the competition!


Lindz said...

How fun that you guys can do this together...what a lucky husband Tommy is...I'm sure there are a TON of guys that would love to have a wife like you that is into basketball!! =)

elmorefamily said...

You have such a cute blog. It is fun to see what is going on with you guys!

Ryan & Chelsi Family said...

Hey holly, I was looking at heather blog and had to look at yours! SOOOO cute ! Chelsi

Amanda said...

I've got my bracket going but am not quite sure where I stand right now. Maybe I'll beat Jeremy, we'll see.

Stewart and Julie Jensen said...

Can I just say, Stewart would love you as a wife! I cannot stand March Madness!!!! Well I guess I'm not that bad I do like to watch some of the hot plays.

greg & allyson said...

I'm not so much into March Madness, but I didn't think you'd see my comment if I left it after the Teacher Appreciation stuff. All of those things were so cute! I didn't reap the benefits when I started doing Music but I do remember the good old days when I did 3rd grade...and yes, definitely the best week of the year--besides spring break :). I need to come into Manila soon and see how everyone's doing. Maybe I'll see you soon--if not at Manila then maybe at Costco :)!