Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Counting Every Step I Take

A couple of weeks ago the PE teacher at Manila came and asked the teachers to participate in a program called Walk the Walk. This program is sponsered by our health insurance company. This is the second year that our school has participated but the first year that I have particpated. If any of you know me very well you know that I am NOT an exerciser! (It's a good thing that I was blessed with a great metabolism.) Usually I wouldn't particpate in things like this, but the PE teacher personally asked me and so I decided to support the cause.

So basically all it entails is wearing a pedometer around for the next month and keeping track of the steps that you take each day. The people with the highest amount of steps get a prize. It has been a HUGE eye opener for me. I don't realize how many steps you take in one day. For example yesterday Tommy and I went to the grocery store. I looked at the pedometer when we walked in and looked at it again when we walked out. I had walked about 1,000 steps just in the grocery store. Today was a school day and the day is not even over yet and I am at 4,439 steps for the day.

Can you even imagine how many steps I would take if I actully got off my lazy butt and did some exercise?


Lindz said...

Ha!! You are so funny! Yeah, you are so skinny and don't even need to exercise!! =) Oh, I tagged you, so check out my blog! =)

Amanda said...

You are so lucky to have a fast metabolism, hopefully it'll stay that way forever. Your blog layout looks normal on my computer now, it's super cute. That was fun to catch up the other night, we need to do that more often.